Tax Professionals

The ability to provide excellent Tax Preparation services to clients comes from experience, and constantly staying on top of the ever changing tax codes. Let our tax professionals at L & R Tax Services assist you in getting the maximum refund and e-file your tax returns to claim your refund faster.

  • Assisting taxpayers in obtaining tax transcripts of prior year tax filings for financial aide and mortgage loan applications. 
  • Professional tax preparation for Individuals, Small Business, and 501(c)3 agencies.
  • On staff Acceptance Agent and Certified Acceptance Agent to assist individuals in obtaining an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) 
  • Fraudulent document recognition for Financial Services and Law Enforcement​
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Bookkeeping Specialist
  • On site Notary Public
Tax Resolution Specialists

A Certified Acceptance Agent is an IRS vetted Tax Professional who is authorized to act on behalf of individuals not eligible for Social Security Numbers, and assist these individuals in obtaining tax identification numbers such as the ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) or an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS.

A Certified Acceptance Agent can assist in the completion of form W-7 (Application for ITIN) and is also authorized by the IRS to submit the W-7 to the IRS on behalf of an applicant without having to furnish original supporting documentary evidence.

Our Certifying Acceptance Agents are trained document examiners and can verify document authenticity and provide Certificates of Accuracy to the IRS in order to expedite issuance of tax identification numbers.

A Tax transcript is a quick way to verify your tax information from the IRS. The transcript is best and most often used to validate borrower income documentation and tax filing status for mortgage, student financial aid,  and small business loan applications. The transcript is also a tool that can assist with tax preparation. As an ERO (Electronic Return Originator), L & R Tax Services can request immediate access to Taxpayers prior year Tax Return Transcript after properly executing a form 8821 (Tax Authorization Form). Contact our specialist to expedite the form 8821 and assist you with obtaining your tax transcripts.

Certified Acceptance Agent
Payroll Specialist

Our Payroll Specialist can assist you in creating accurate spreadsheets to track payroll records, and use Payroll Software to manage your employee payroll, generate payroll checks, and ensure all of your payroll tax reporting obligations are met.

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