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Logo by NBF Consulting

Logo by NBF Consulting

Helpful Videos for Individuals:

Helpful Videos for Small Business Owners:

Tax Preparation/Tax Resolution & Planning/
Acceptace Agent Services

  • Professional tax preparation for individuals with W2 income, 1099 self employed income and self reporters.  Small Business/Self employed Tax Workshop provided by IRS. 
  • Assisting taxpayers in obtaining tax transcripts of prior year tax filings for financial aide and mortgage loan applications. 
  • Provide case management for individuals with IRS notices, and missing prior year refunds.
  • Tax planning for individuals to ensure adequate withholdings, and for small business owners preparing for estimated tax payments.

Certifying Acceptance Agent

  • On staff Certifying Acceptance Agent that can assist individuals in obtaining a "New" ITIN or "Renewing" existing ITIN. How to renew ITIN?

Notary Public

Helpful Links and IRS Publications:

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